CCTV Cardiff & South Wales

Cutting Edge Security have fitted hundreds of Video Alarm Systems throughout the capitals’ CCTV Cardiff network and across South Wales. Crucially, these commercial CCTV installations in Cardiff, Bridgend and Newport are integrated into the organisations security system.  We are a leading provider of business CCTV solutions throughout South Wales. As well as business CCTV systems installers for Industrial and Commercial companies, we supply Local Authorities, Housing Associations and the Education Sector.

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Commercial CCTV Installers Cardiff, Bridgend to Newport

We are CCTV installers in Cardiff, Bridgend to Newport and throughout the South Wales valleys. Cutting Edge Security supply, install and provide support. Crucially, our skilled engineers are qualified to provide a wide range of CCTV options. For example, from a single camera linked to a DVR to fully integrated, multi functional, cloud based systems. Moreover, your CCTV installation can be operated from anywhere in the world.

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Construction site CCTV & Security

Similarly, the protection and security of high risk areas such as urban Construction Sites in Cardiff and remote locations in South Wales can be secured by a CCTV system. Crucially, the lack of power or telephone line is no longer an obstacle with 24/7 security. We’re ready to help you, answer your questions and provide the best security solution for your organisation.

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CCTV Cardiff Installers

We’re an established CCTV Cardiff installers with CCTV installations throughout South Wales, contributing to security solutions designed to reduce crime. Do you need a reliable CCTV company in Cardiff for your South Wales company? 

24 / 7 Tech Support

When the unexpected happens is when you need help the most and certainly as quickly as possible. Reassuringly, our CCTV Installers and Engineers are available 24/7 at Cutting Edge Security. Importantly, our engineers are fully trained and qualified to get the job done right!

Remote Monitoring CCTV South Wales

Login remotely from anywhere in the world to view your CCTV footage. For example, check your company's CCTV in Cardiff, just login on a computer, tablet or mobile phone and via a secure connection. Remote monitoring that's simple, convenient and reassuring!

CCTV Criminal evidence

CCTV images have become the largest providers of evidence used to convict perpetrators of crime. Your CCTV installation Cardiff or nationally could be a deterrent too. Importantly, it will be available when you need it.

Peace of Mind

Any activity legal or criminal can be recorded, monitored and responded to if required. Whether it's our CCTV in Cardiff or across the nation, you'll have peace of mind! We are GDPR compliant.

Commercial CCTV Cardiff Installations

Our experienced and Qualified CCTV Installers keep pace with the latest technology, including conventional, remote and cloud. Consequently, we have many Commercial CCTV Cardiff installations, throughout South Wales and are ready to provide the best security solution for your business or organisation. For example, we have fitted CCTV in Cardiff social housing that helps to protect empty Social Housing properties. Additionally, Cutting Edge Security has installed CCTV systems for many companies, retailers and local authorities. 

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CCTV Monitoring in South Wales

Cutting Edge Security offer remote video monitoring services, where experts monitor the CCTV feeds in real-time and respond to suspicious activities. Are you looking for commercial CCTV in Wales, in Cardiff, Bridgend, Newport or South Wales valleys. Whether for your commercial business, local authority or social housing, we are ready to help.

CCTV Installers Articles

This year we’ve reached out to our loyal customers with CCTV articles we hope are helpful. For example, at the start of the year we posted Does CCTV reduce crime? and reported on significant decreases of up to 20%. Crucially, we discovered how CCTV can be integrated into security systems including access control. For example, door entry systems in the article Security Systems in South Wales – 3 Key Facts. Additionally, as it’s a frequently asked question, we thought it would be helpful to describe the CCTV roles and GDPR compliance in our article Are you a CCTV Controller? Finally, we posted a big welcome to our newest team members, expanding the quality team of engineers and marketing team.