Auto Door Installation and Maintenance South Wales

Automatic doors are electro-mechanical operators designed for the safe and convenient passage of pedestrian traffic. Integrated with CCTV and Access Controls, auto doors can provide a complete secure pedestrian management facility. We install and maintain many automatic doors in Cardiff, Bridgend and throughout South Wales. Therefore, with our insights and experienced specialist trained engineers, we have a portfolio of numerous auto door installations in South Wales. Crucially, this enables us to design, install and do maintenance too.
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Automatic Doors Cardiff

Cutting Edge Security is able to provide a quality and cost-effective service for the installation and maintenance of automatic doors in Cardiff and throughout South Wales. Crucially, we can incorporate an access control system too and integrate it into your security system.

We use BS EN16005 and DoorSafe qualified engineers and develop skills in conjunction with major accredited suppliers to put Cutting Edge Security at the forefront of quality and automatic door innovation. Get in touch today to talk about our Automatic doors Cardiff, Bridgend and South Wales solutions.

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BS EN16005 and DoorSafe Qualified Engineers

Auto Door South Wales Maintenance

A 24/7 maintenance service is a key element of our service ensuring peace of mind enjoyed by every one of our customers. It also provides evidence of Duty of Care by the owners of the automatic door system particularly important should an accident occur leading to an insurance involvement. Importantly, maintenance is key to extending the life of a valuable asset and minimises unexpected breakdowns with the consequent cost and disruption.

A maintenance Agreement involves the thorough checking of the component parts either once or twice per annum and is undertaken by qualified ADIA engineers. Additionally, we provide 24/7 Breakdown Cover.

New Automatic Doors Cardiff? Auto door South Wales maintenance?

Key Benefits


Insurance claims are becoming increasingly scrutinised where accidents occur with pedestrians using automatic doors. Consequently, owners of automatic doors have a legal Duty of Care for all users of their automatic doors.

DDA Disabilty Access Door Systems

We fully implement all aspects of DDA specifications. Free and safe movement for any person with a disability is a key component when fitting DDA compliant automatic doors. Whether domestic or commercial. Therefore, all installations are tailored to the specific requirements of the door useage.

Reduced Energy Costs

Control of the opening and closing of automatic doors can substantially contribute to the reduction of heating and cooling costs.

Green Pursuit

Wherever possible Cutting Edge Security utilises equipment which improves our green footprint. Moreover, we are always striving to do more, be better and continually improve.